InnerPulse DeLuxe Sessions

The InnerPulse Deluxe comes with 50 pre-loaded sessions that are divided into several categories : relaxation, meditation, sleep aiding, learning enhancement, energize, visualisation and breath pacing. Additional sessions can be downloaded.

Relax r01 46 min Relax and Back 3-14 Hz Dbb Down to theta/delta, return to relaxed alertness
r02 15 min Power Relaxation 10-11 Hz Dbb After a workout
r03 5 min Calmdown 2.5-18 Hz Dbb A rolling Alpha/theta wave soak
r04 10 min Waves of Calm 7.83-12 Hz Dbb Waves of calmness, peaceful and smooth
r05 22 min Relax Wave 7-15 Hz Bb/surf Ocean waves and low pitched binaural beats
r06 25 min Lite/low relax 7-13 Hz Dbb A mild relaxation sessions, calming but not too deep
r07 42 min Deep Rest 0.5-15 Hz Dbb When you require total rebuild and repair
Special P01 20 min Low Range Aerobic Jumps 4-10 Hz Mixed Random 5 second jumps in alpha/theta
P02 20 min High Range Aerobic Jumps 10-18 Hz Chord Random 5 second jumps in alpha/beta
P03 20 min Hut-Ten-Hut! 10,-18 Hz Chord Assists in reducing distractions
P04 18 min Banish the Spring Blues 30-40 Hz Chord Flickering lights help with dark day blues
P05 15 min Left Brain 3-24 Hz Dsb Left hemisphere stimulation in beta
P06 15 min Right Brain 3-24 Hz Dsb Right hemisphere stimulation
P07 20 min Left Hemisphere 7-42 Hz Dsb Stimulates the left while subdues the right
P08 18 min Right Hemisphere 7-42 Hz Dsb Stimulates the right while subdues the left
Meditate d01 32 min Meditation of Earth 4-24 Hz Tone The Schumann resonance and harmonics
d02 33 min Earth Grounding 4-24 Hz Dbb Schumann resonance and harmonics w/chord fifths
d03 50 min Mind Awake, Body Asleep 2.5-15 Hz Dbb Body resting, mind awake for possible oobe
d04 40 min Chakra Balancing 7-14 Hz Dbb/surf An accompaniment to chakra meditation
d05 34 min Cosmic Consciousness 3.5-20 Hz Dbb A mystical awakening into high consciousness
d06 36 min Deep Low Meditation 0.25-12 Hz Dsb Deep bass tones and low binaural beats offsets
d07 34 min Deep 'n Back 0.25-12 Hz Dsb Deep refreshing relaxation/meditation session
Sleep S01 37 min Pleasant Dreams, Sleepy Head 2.5-10 Hz Dbb A powerful dual binaural beats sleep assist
S02 42 min Knockout! 1-14 Hz Dbb A still more powerful sleep assist
S03 42 min Catnap 3-14 Hz Dbb Ramps deep into delta for 18 minutes
S04 37 min Deepsleep 0.50-8.50 Hz Dsb Sleep session using the new dual monaural beats
S05 23 min Quick Nap 2-15 Hz Dsb A 5 min descent into a 16 min nap and quick return
S06 45 min TKO 1-10 hz Mixed A high tech sleep aid
Learn L01 15 min Quick Pre-Study 4-14 Hz Dbb/surf Calming/focusing, create the mood for study
L02 16 min Quick Post-Study 1-12 Hz Dbb/surf Relaxed delta integration and return to awareness
L03 51 min Assisted Assimilation 6-12 Hz bb surf Tries for the hypnogogic state for suggestibility
L04 30 min Memory/Recall 4.5-14 Hz bb/surf Tries for the hypnogogic state
L05 43 min Baroque Beat 1-16 Hz Dbb Dbb in counterpoint, baroque music's main features
L06 44 min Accelerated learning 5-16 Hz Tone Classical AVS session for relaxation and retention
Energize E01 18 min Pre-Workout 1-20 Hz Dbb Psych up for a workout
E02 17 min AM Pumper 1-14 Hz Dbb A gentle ramp up for the day
E03 10 min Varoom 1-42 Hz Dbb A motivational session, a body/mind tonic
E04 5 min Wired 9-42 Hz Dbb Gamma waves, beta waves and stretching pitches
E05 30 min Sportswave 16-30 Hz Tone Designed for high alertness activities
E06 18 min Hi N-R-G 1-20 Hz Dbb 1-20 Hz of beta offset frequencies and low pitch
Create/Visualize C01 23 min Music Creativity 3-24 Hz Chord Musical effects to inspire musical creativity
C02 28 min Hyper Alert Creativity 20-40 Hz Dual bb Energizing, sharpen perception
C03 46 min Dreamy Visuals 4.5-11 Hz Dbb/surf Stepped soothing theta for dreamlike images
C04 10 min Reset 1.5-30 Hz Dbb Dbb, ramps and rapid changes
C05 4 min Mindspin 3-30 Hz Dsb A twisting, turning, visual trip, great wth music
C06 43 min V i s u a l i z e! 3-15 Hz Dbb Have a goal in mind while using this session
Entertain/Fun F01 35 min Nirvanaphoria 1-16 Hz bb surf Musical microloops of pure enjoyment
F02 15 min Sensual Magic 7-40 Hz Dual bb Erotic Encouragement
F03 40 min Kaleidoscope 1-40 Hz Tone Experience the kaleidoscopic color patterns
F04 27 min A Muse Ment Park 1.5-40 Hz Mixed Unexpected twists and turns give a lively feel
Breath Pacing b01 15 min Natural Clatity I 1/2 slowdown brP For beginners, a good start and the easiest
b02 15 min Natural Clatity II full slowdown brP Suitable for everyone after practicing slower breathing
b03 15 min Vitality Breathing fast breaths brP A favorite of meditators
b04 15 min Pranayama I equal breaths brP Practice this pattern before goiing into pranayama II
b05 15 min Pranayama II equal breaths&full hold brP Practice this pattern before going into b05 and b06
b06 15 min "Four Square" Relaxation breaths and holds equal brP Practice this before the later Pranayama sessions
b07 15 min Pranayama III long hold on full brP Try after Pranayama I and II are easy for you
b08 15 min Pranayama IV 1,4,1,2,pattern brP The most demanding of the Pranayama sessions
b09 15 Yoga breath exhale twice inhale brP Beleived to emhasize ascention of the spirit
b10 15 Taoist breath inhale twice exhale brP Believed to emphasize grounding
Improv  i01 30 Theta Improv 3.00-6.5 Hz bb surf Randomly selected segment time
i02 30 Alpha Improv 7.00-11.00 Hz bb surf Randomly selected segment time
i03 30 SMR Improv 12-15Hz tone Randomly selected segment time
i04 30 Beta Imrov 16-26Hz tone Randomly selected segment time

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“The InnerPulse has been incredible. The sound and colours are amazing and I quickly find myself relaxing mentally and physically”

John Kilbride, Glasgow

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As seen on TV's 'The Gadget Show' - Voted Best Stress Buster

As seen on TV's 'The Gadget Show' - Voted Best Stress Buster

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