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Sessions available on the Procyon

"I use the Procyon’s "Night Voyage" sessions before going to bed every night.. My dreams seem much more vivid, making these sessions excellent for lucid dreaming.  They are also excellent for inducing OBE's. 
All in all, purchasing the machine is easily one of the best choices I have ever made".
----- Ole Marius - Norway


Attain Altered States Of Consciousness With The Procyon

The Procyon is an advanced Mind Machine that produces an amazing light and sound experience.

Astral Travel WomanThe Procyon combines a full spectrum of colour with clean, pure digital sound. The resulting visual and audio stimulation can be used to alter states of consciousness in powerful ways.

The Procyon's light-glasses contain red, green and blue LEDs. Because these are the three primary light colours, they can be combined to form shades right across the spectrum. The result is an extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns of colour as seen behind your closed eyelids which are synchronized with the rich, pulsed tones that you hear through the high-quality headphones.

The Procyon contains 50 built-in sessions. In addition to sessions that lead you into the deep states of mind needed for astral travel, there are programs to aid sleep, improve learning, enhance memory, creativity and visualisation and much more.

The Procyon and Ganzfields

Procyon GlassesA ganzfeld is a field of light which fills your visual field. Best known for its use in parapsychological studies (where typically half of a ping-pong ball is placed over each eye, then illuminated by a steady red light), our ganzfeld feature allows the creation of such fields in a wide variety of colours.

Flicker can also be mixed with the steady light-field, creating a range of subtle, easy-on-the-eyes shimmering effects-perfect for those with sensitive eyes

“At last I've found something that helps me with out of body experiences !
I'm so glad I found the Procyon after years of searching for a way to project myself into the astral realm.
On using it, I quickly get into a trance like state and I've now had many OBEs.
If you're interested in astral travel, a Procyon will do more for you than anything else. ."
----- Tom Allison - Cambridge, UK


Colour, mood and awareness

It has long been known that colour can have a profound effect on mood and state of mind. That's why blue and green coloured paints are often used in hospitals and prisons-due to their calming effects.

Research has shown that pure coloured light can achieve this same goal: for example, red light is more effective at inducing mental and physiological activation, while blue light reduces such activation and can instill a sense of deep calm. Yellow, on the other hand, appears to help the mind focus while studying and can allow access to "peak performance" mind-states.

It's possible to use the Procyon to produce pure, jewel-like colours which do not flicker at all. It can also play sequences which unfold gradually, or shift rapidly from hue to hue. When this is done in the range of about 4 to 20 times per second, especially unusual visual and psychological effects can be produced, inducing the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery. This imagery can be so compelling that the mind clears of extraneous thoughts and distractions gently taking you into the deep mental levels where psychic phenomena can occur.


“I've read lots of books about OBE's, but it's only the Procyon that brought about an actual experience for me. It was exhilarating and amazing. There was nothing scary about it as I had feared.”
----- James Tilbury - Southend, UK

" The Procyon Mind Machine is a very interesting tool for people learning about their psychic abilities or for those of us who are helping others learn how to develop their gifts.
It enables anyone to work to develop the abilities that are latent in all of us.
I highly recommend it.."
----- Julie O'Brien - Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I've had lots of psychic experiences, but I'd never had an out of body experience.
I was very disappointed about this because it was the one thing I was especially interested in.
I thought I'd try a Mind Machine to help me with this and chose the Procyon.
Since using it, I've experienced several astral projections and I can see auras much clearer than I used to.
I'm very pleased with it."
----- John Newman - Manchester, UK


Create your own sessions

You can even create your own sessions for the Procyon with the free Session Editor. The Editor is easy to use and contains a host of advanced programmable feature.

You can also edit the pre-installed sessions that come with the Procyon.

The Procyon is particularly good at synthesizing a large number of colours and patterns.The editor allows you to access all the parameters that control the frequency, intensity and playback across time of the Procyon's lights (LEDs).

The software includes a helpful graphical editor that makes it easy create even the most complex sessions.

There is plenty of room in the Procyon's memory to store your own created sessions.

Your Procyon package includes

  • Procyon control unit
  • Red/Green/Blue compact GanzFrames™ with micro-miniature LEDs
  • Stereo Headphones
  • USB cable (mini to standard)
  • Stereo (mini, 3.5mm) audio patchcord
  • Carrying case
  • Manual
  • Free editing software available via download
  • One-year parts and labour warranty

Pre-Set Sessions

The Procyon has a variety of preset sessions built into it to enable you to explore wide range of coloured light (and sound)-induced alternate states of awareness. Sessions are grouped into these general categories:

Meditation and tranquillity. These sessions use mostly "calming" colours, especially blue and green, but also shades of purple and occasionally other colours for visual variety. They tend to change slowly and are intended to lead the mind towards a state of meditation and tranquillity. These are the sessions that will help you achieve astral projection.

Sleep. Similar to the calming sessions, but even slower and again focused on blue and green light and their combinations. The goal is to help clear the mind before bed and trigger the brain states that lead to restful sleep.

Learning. Most of these are based upon the super-learning paradigm, and are designed to put your mind and brain into the optimum state for assimilation, retention and understanding during a study period.

Peak performance. Mostly “middle of the rainbow” colours and frequencies associated with the goals of mental activation and peak performance; often used for learning and sports preparation.

Energy/rejuvenation. More active; patterns shift rapidly and are intended to prepare the mind and body for activities such as sports and other physical activities, or before meetings and tests. Perfect for use during breaks from work and for study.

Visualization/artform/entertainment. These sessions demonstrate the more purely aesthetic aspects of the Procyon, and are intended to induce more complex (even hallucinatory) visual imagery, and as preparation for exploring altered states of awareness. Click here to see all the Procyon built-in sessions



Only £179
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Includes our 'Concentrate Your Mind' course worth £25
BONUS - Also includes 3 amazing guided visualisations

Free next day delivery in the UK

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“I sometimes have sleeping difficulties. Yes, the Procyon has helped.”

Helen Hills, UK

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